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Our Practices & Beliefs


As one of more than 10,000 congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we share a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. For us, this faith comes to us through the good news of God’s unconditional love for us and all people revealed in Jesus Christ. This faith gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is doing in the world. Learn more about the beliefs of the ELCA here: http://www.elca.org/Faith/ELCA-Teaching


Making visible God’s love, mercy, and peace is the God-given mission of the people of St. John’s. In order to carry out this mission, we engage in certain practices, through which the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ takes shape in our lives. WE PRAY. WE SERVE. WE GROW.


WE PRAY. Prayer is more than words addressed to God. In its broadest sense, prayer is openness to God. We hear God in words of scripture and proclamation, experience God through the earthly elements of baptism and communion, and find God in the fellowship of our brothers and sisters in Christ.


WE SERVE. As we receive the free gifts of God’s love, we are set free from the burden to trying to achieve our worth. This faith sets us free to love and serve our neighbors, far and near.


WE GROW. Faith also frees us to wonder, to discern what God is doing in the world. Faith is restless, always and ever seeking deeper understanding of God’s world.

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